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10 steps to managing your mentality

By BzBarlow 18 Oct 2016

With Facebook feeds full of photos, Tweets telling tales and Snapchat stories awash with entertainment, from afar university looks a blast.

But despite the romantic image we have of student life, we don't all feel great all the time.

So, for when you're feeling blue, try these 10 steps to boosting your bad mood...

  1. Feel fresh. If you're a little out of sorts go and get some fresh air. Try a short walk or a bike ride, even if it's just to the shop! Alone time will give you a chance to reflect on what might be getting you down.
  2. Jog on. Seriously. Exercise releases feel-good chemicals which will make you feel more positive - AND it'll help you sleep better, feel fresher and look healthier. If weights or cardio really aren't your thing, try yoga?
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  3. Stop with the shots. Drinking might seem like a good idea but it's definitely not the solution to your problems. That killer headache and lack of sleep tomorrow won't help either...
  4. Keep in touch. Talking to family and friends will make you feel supported, and might even help you rationalise your issues. It's always helpful to hear a familiar voice. Friends Friend animated GIF
  5. Eat healthy, think healthy. Coffee, chocolates, and sugar-coated everything will perk you up for a little while, but water and those 5-a-day will help you feel better for longer. 
  6. Keep Calm and Take a Break - 5-minutes away from that essay, an hour away from your laptop doing exercise, or even a weekend away will give that much needed calming feel.
  7. Techno-no-no. Phone, laptop, iPad - put them down! It's not just technology generally but all of those social media posts and celebs success stories can make you feel rubbish. 
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  8. Forget your troubles come on get listening to some feel-good music! (Rumour has it there's no better pick-me-up film than Pitch Perfect...)
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  9. Do something you're good at - or get creative and try something new. A sport, a new recipe, art? Accomplishing something will always make you feel great about yourself.
  10. Know yourself. Make a list of things you're good at. Once you break that first barrier you'll be rolling them off and it's guaranteed to boost your mood!

Whether it's course struggles, homesickness, or a bad day, give these a go. A proactive attitude to solving your problems will make you feel positive, determined and ready kick any complication.

Remember if you are struggling to speak to your friends or drop into Student Support & Wellbeing. They're always there to help.

BzBarlow is part of the Browzer team and loves to bake.
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