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How to talk WSIHE

By FLEmma 13 Dec 2016

Enjoying Christmas but missing the WSIHE bants? Why not introduce your friends and fam to some key terms and phrases?


  • WSIHE - A celebration of our heritage and what the Uni used to be called.
  • Field of Dreams - The place where sporting magic happens and legends are made. Head down to cheer on and support fellow Rangers
  • Ranger - What a WSIHE Sportsperson refers to themselves as "WSIHE Ranger 'til I die!"
  • Social - Gathering of fellow team mates before a WSIHE Wednesday
  • WSIHE Wednesday - Biggest and best night out!
  • Sports Charter - An agreement for equality
  • Sports Federation - and students working together to make sport all it can be.
  • Chibiza - Common term referring to Chichester 'Nightlife'
  • BUCS - British Universities & Colleges Sport
  • Sports Tour - A massive WSIHE holiday!
  • Sports Awards - The only occasion that sportspeople wear trousers!





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